Uprooting history

One of Calgary’s oldest homes, the Nimmons Residence built on what is now the corner of 14 Street and 19 Avenue S.W. about 120 years ago, is currently perched on a temporary platform waiting to be placed on a new foundation.

The house is moving to the opposite corner of the property, to make way for an L-shaped multi-residential condo building which will wrap around the house, preserving the historical resource.

This was taken on Dec. 20, 2020. Just visible is what is left of the original sandstone foundation (in front of the house).
This was taken from the back alley showing the house overlooking 17th Ave. SW (downtown Calgary highrises in the background).
Framed by construction materials, this view shows the Queen Anne style veranda encircling the tower corner.
Few buildings of this style exist in Alberta.
The home was constructed in 1898 by William Nimmons on an elevated site overlooking the city. Nimmons owned ranchland across what is now the Bankview and Nob Hill neighbourhoods, operating a quarry and a greenhouse.
Nimmons also supplied the stone for most of the sandstone buildings in Calgary at that time, including the Lougheed Mansion. He purchased the land from the Hudson’s Bay Company for $8/acre.
Fencing surrounds the property creating the impression the building is in jail, perched and ready to break free from the place where it has rested for 120 years. In truth, it isn’t moving very far, just more to the front of the property. Imagine the stress of the house mover with this assignment!

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